After we hit the button on our ‘design freeze’ in August, our key remaining systems and components continued to arrive through September and October: the front frame and steering assembly from China, the front and rear suspensions from Germany and Thailand, the throttles and grips from Italy.

By the end of September, this ‘United Nations of parts’ was gathered in our West Melbourne workshop, ready for the exciting business of assembly to begin once Covid restrictions are lifted.

Our goal now is to assemble our first (non-working) Alpha motorbike by early November, ready for the QAGOMA exhibition in Brisbane. The second Alpha will be assembled shortly afterwards in preparation for our public launch on November 27th.

Everything continues to look promising for our first bike to be on the road in Melbourne in early 2021, providing that import delays do not hold up our motor controller supplier, who is based in Italy.

However, with more than 400 unique parts, assembling our bikes remains at the mercy of international shipping and airfreight schedules – so we are continuing to keep all our fingers and toes crossed!

To speed the assembly of our first production prototypes, the team is also developing and testing the efficiency of our vehicle assembly processes and quality control checks. Thanks so much to Adam Wilson and Wayne Schowalter for your tireless support!

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