Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I place a reservation?
How does the reservation process work?
Where can I find the specs and features of the motorcycle?
What are the key differences between the Alpha and Delta models?
Can I choose a colour?
Can I take a passenger?
Does the C-Series have gears and a clutch?
How easy is it to ride an electric motorcycle?
Is the C-Series LAMS Approved?
Can you limit the power to make the C-Series LAMS Approved?
What kind of charger does the C-Series have?
Where can I charge it?
Does the C-Series support fast charging (DC)?
Can I swap out the battery?
Do you ship outside Australia?
Do you ship within Australia?
What are the shipping costs within Australia?
When will I receive my motorcycle?
Is my deposit fully refundable?
Are there any EV Incentives available?
When can the media test ride and review?
Is the C-Series compatible with my Tesla home wall charger?
Can I charge on a Tesla outlet?
When will you be launching more models?
Is the bike able to charge at 7kW?
Is the bike able to charge at 7kW?
Is there any way I can extend my range?
Will you have Ludicrous mode?
What is the screen visibility like in the sun?
Does the C-Series have regenerative braking?
What kind of charging connector will it have?
Where will I be able to service my C-Series?
Will I be able to download updates and performance features over the internet like Tesla and Zero?
Will there be a USB socket for phone/accessory charging?
Will I be able to pair my phone to the bike via bluetooth?
What are the service intervals?
When will there be more options to customise the motorcycle?
Does the bike have navigation?
Do you have different handlebar options?
What is the seating position like on the C-Series?
Do you offer V2G 2 Way Charging?
Do you have any anti-theft or security devices like alarms or immobilisers on the bike?
Does the bike come with a keyless fob?
What is the life expectancy of the battery?
What are the warranty terms?
How much will the bike cost to service?
Will you offer finance?
I have seen the current prototype; will there be many changes to the final production motorcycle?