Savic team test riding in a Melbourne, Australia, laneway

October was a huge month for our business.

We closed our funding round, we onboarded and grew the team, we took our 2020 prototype on its maiden voyage, and we ordered all the parts required for two machined production representative vehicles.

The end of a funding round is an incredibly exciting time. Team morale is high, and product development starts moving swiftly again as you’re no longer cash-constrained. But there’s also a weight added to one’s proverbial shoulders. Now that we’ve managed to collect investor funds, we must keep our word and do what we’ve said we will do. The team and I know this well – and we’re all very anxious to get cracking on the next phase.

The maiden voyage of the 2020 vehicle was certainly a highlight. If you’ve ever heard of Murphy’s law (anything that can go wrong will), we’ve certainly experienced that! We had parts delivered that weren’t made properly and needed re-work, we blew three motors getting the bike operational, and we had tolerancing issues with several components that had to be fixed. These are all the little joys/learning curves that one experiences when moving from virtual 3D CAD designs to working with third parties to deliver the components required and putting something together.

Part of our team growth has come out of necessity. We needed someone like Wayne Schowalter to make sure that all our quality systems and processes are in place. We needed someone like Naveen Nagaraj in India managing our Indian supply base, and Allen Lin in China liaising with our Chinese suppliers. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s the paramount importance of having people on the ground in the country that you’re manufacturing in. Now that we have great people in every location – and in every discipline that we require – it’s time to charge towards production.

It certainly takes a village to raise a baby. The C-Series is Savic Motorcycles’ baby, and the village is the group of people who have come together to work in harmony to bring this concept to reality, and share it with the passionate customers that we are so lucky to have.

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March 29, 2022

Savic Motorcycles