3d model of 3-phase electric motor

With our new vehicle ‘design freeze’ at the end of July, five years of ambitious and meticulous 3D modelling have wrapped up and our engineering team has turned its full attention to the manufacture of our first production vehicle.

In fact, we’ve been focused on setting up a strong manufacturing base for a long time. We recently contracted our China-based motor manufacturer to build our first five 3-phase electric motors, which will pave the way for the first real test of the Alpha powertrain next month.

Once the first motor is complete, it will be shipped to our motor controller supplier for tuning, to ensure we have a reliable and durable pairing of these two vital components. (The motor controller is the unit that processes energy from the battery pack and conveys it to the motor, determining all aspects of the bike’s speed and power.)

March 29, 2022

Savic Motorcycles