Nicholas Adamo has looked at Australia’s automotive industry from many sides. As a customer, he’s been involved with track days, amateur racing, Targa tours around Australia, and ice driving in Finland. As a director, he sits on the board of Chrome Temple Investments, Australia’s first VC fund specialising in classic cars. And he’s recently been working with several vehicle manufacturers and dealers, following the acquisition of Australia’s only private racetrack, 70North.

When Nicholas agreed to join Savic Motorcycles in early 2024, it gave us both a boost in our investment credibility, and access to one of the best minds in corporate advisory circles.

Nicholas has helped several tech startups broaden their horizons around strategy, growth, and capital. He made a name building Australia’s first forensic computing and analytics company in the 1990s, then joined Deloitte as a partner to run the APAC Analytics and Forensic Technology team, after selling them his business. In the 2010s, he was a partner at EY, where he led their Advisory Growth and Acquisitions division.

Working at the leading edge of data analytics has given Nicholas a hunger for supporting young businesses – an appetite that’s now led to Dennis Savic’s door. “Dennis has real humility and self-awareness, which makes spending time with him such a pleasure,” says Nicholas. “With Savic Motorcycles, he’s built something amazing. He has a very loyal team and an incredible sense of purpose. He also cares deeply about his staff and customers. I think further success can’t be far away.”

Nicholas divides his time between Sydney and 70North, named for how long it takes him to drive there from his home. Alongside board roles and investments with companies like e-safety pioneer SaferMe and the Unstoppables innovation community, he continues to work with private equity firms, tech companies, and entrepreneurs. There is even talk of being an “ambassador” for a couple of car manufacturers – although his lovely wife thinks this is just a ruse to add to his eclectic car collection.