At Savic we aim to design bikes that you’ll be proud to own and ride – and that pride will begin from the very outset of your journey, thanks to our uniquely customisable dash. Our WiFi / Mobile connected digital cluster will provide a graphically rich HMI, enabling a wide range of design possibilities and an endlessly pleasurable ride.

Designed by Sam Carter and developed by Kim Suandee, the 7-inch Resistive Touch display will provide an array of base UI templates that riders will be able to tweak to their own style (within the confines of Australian design rules, of course). Using these templates, we’ll work with each rider to choose their colours, numeral sizes, gauges and layouts – and whether they prefer bar gauges, round gauges, needles or numerals.

The cluster pairs closely with the bike’s other major electrical component – the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) – which controls its signals, sequences, and ultimately its performance. Our VCU is based on a renowned aeroplane control system, Wingmate, which was designed for the Red Bull Air Racing team by Dennis’s mentor, Peter Wezenbeek – and Peter has been providing close guidance to Kim as he codes the bike’s VCU.

“Peter’s a world-class engineer and you can see his brain ticking over at 1,000 beats a second while you’re talking with him,” says Kim. “It’s an absolute privilege to be in his presence – let alone being mentored by him.”

Kim recently completed a custom Linux operating system for the cluster hardware, and is currently prototyping over-the-air updates and live data acquisition, which will enable riders to access their journey data through a browser or mobile app. The WiFi and Mobile connectivity will also provide the dash with GPS information and local weather forecasts – helping to keep you safe and informed, while freeing your mind to make the most of your ride.

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