Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place a reservation?

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How does the reservation process work?
Where can I find the specs and features of the motorcycle?
What are the key differences between the Alpha and Delta models?


Can I choose a colour?

Yes, we have three colours available: Atomic Silver / Dark Matter Black / Radiate Aluminium

Can I take a passenger?

Yes, each C-Series comes equipped from the factory with a pillion seat and foot pegs

Does the C-Series have gears and a clutch?

Like most electric motorcycles, the C-Series is single-geared and does not have gears or a clutch - just twist and go!

How easy is it to ride an electric motorcycle?

There is a lot less for the rider to manage with no gearing, making it easier to concentrate on road awareness.

Is the C-Series LAMS Approved?

LAMS Approval is different state by state within Australia.
As an example in NSW the LAMS Approved guide through RMS states a power up to 25kW or less for electric motorcycles. As the Delta starts at 40kW and Alpha at 60kW, the C-Series will not be LAMS Approved.

Can you limit the power to make the C-Series LAMS Approved?

No. We will have future models in our product portfolio which will be LAMS Approved.

What kind of charger does the C-Series have?

Standard type 2 which can charge at 2.7kw off a standard 240v house plug. If you want to charge at 3.5kw then a 15amp plug is needed.

Where can I charge it?

Anywhere you can charge a phone, you can charge your C-Series with the adapter that comes with the motorcycle.

Does the C-Series support fast charging (DC)?

Not at this stage, we are looking into this option for future products.

Can I swap out the battery?

No. Our batteries are built into the chassis of the motorcycles. We will have an end-of-life recycling process for our Savic batteries. 

Do you ship outside Australia?

We do not ship outside Australia at this point in time. 
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Do you ship within Australia?

We will have key retail locations within Australia and will also be able to ship directly to your door. 

What are the shipping costs within Australia?

These are dependent on where you live within your state, a quote will be provided to you at the time of the pre-production payment. 

When will I receive my motorcycle?

We start production of the first C-Series in Q4 2022. 
At this stage we anticipate our second production run will start delivering from July 2023.

Is my deposit fully refundable?

The $100 Build Slot Payment and $1,900 Deposit are both fully refundable. 

Are there any EV Incentives available?

EV incentives can vary from state to state, at this point in time they do not apply to motorcycles. 

When can the media test ride and review?

We are still planning our public launches. 
If you are in the media and want to keep up to date on test ride opportunities, please email:

Is the C-Series compatible with my Tesla home wall charger?

To our knowledge Tesla chargers are only able to charge Tesla’s.

Can I charge on a Tesla outlet?

No. Tesla chargers are locked to their own network.

When will you be launching more models?

We have no committed timeline for future models but will have many new products in development.

Can I charge on a Tesla outlet?

No. Tesla chargers are locked to their own network.

Is the bike able to charge at 7kW?

No, the maximum it can charge at is 3.5k from a 15 Amp plug

Is there any way I can extend my range?

We will have the ability for customers to be able to monitor their bikes performance through our Savic App.
In the future we will be able to release over the air performance upgrades.

Will you have Ludicrous mode?

No, but there will be adjustable ride modes

What is the screen visibility like in the sun?

EV incentives can vary from state to state, at this point in time they do not apply to motorcycles. 

Does the C-Series have regenerative braking?


What kind of charging connector will it have?

We use Type 2 plug - IEC 62196

Where will I be able to service my C-Series?

We will be setting up an after-sales support network, although most consumables (tyres, brake fluid etc) will be able to be changed at your local repairer and the service intervals with electric motorcycles will be longer than traditional ICE bikes.

Will I be able to download updates and performance features over the internet like Tesla and Zero?

Yes. All updates are done over the air using the bikes inbuilt 4g modem

Will there be a USB socket for phone/accessory charging?

We’re currently exploring this feature.

Will I be able to pair my phone to the bike via bluetooth?

Not directly to the bike but you will be able to access the bike via the Savic App

What are the service intervals?

We are currently working through our final service schedule. This information will be available through the owner’s manual.

When will there be more options to customise the motorcycle?

We are always working hard to create additional factory options and accessories for our customers. 
These will be released when they meet our high internal testing standards.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please email:

Does the bike have navigation?

Yes. The C-Series will have Navigation through the Savic App, but this will not be available in the first release.

Do you have different handlebar options?

Yes. We will offer a raised bar option. This will be discussed with your Customer Liaison closer to the build date of your motorcycle.

What is the seating position like on the C-Series?

With the slightly raised bars the riding position will be comfortable. We will have options available for your riding style.

Do you offer V2G 2 Way Charging?

At this stage we do not offer Vehicle-to-grid-charging, however we may investigate this for future product. 

Do you have any anti-theft or security devices like alarms or immobilisers on the bike?

Currently there is a steering lock and vehicle tracking within the Savic App. We are looking into tamper alerts for future release.

Does the bike come with a keyless fob?


What is the life expectancy of the battery?

Approx.100,000km / 10 years. Battery technology is still new within Australia and this may change in the future.

What are the warranty terms?

We are currently working through our final warranty terms. This information will be available through the owner’s manual.

How much will the bike cost to service?

Cost may vary but servicing an electric vehicle will be cheaper than ICE due to less moving parts and consumables.

Will you offer finance?

Yes, we are currently working on selecting a finance partner.

I have seen the current prototype; will there be many changes to the final production motorcycle?

Yes, as we go through our final testing and Australian Design Rules (ADR) Compliance there will be some changes to parts of the motorcycle.