Electric Rush: Testing Savic Motorcycles at Phillip Island

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Unleashing our Potential on a World-Famous Stage

There's something thrilling about testing limits and breaking barriers, and nowhere are automotive limits broken more frequently than at Phillip Island’s legendary Grand Prix Circuit. So when the Savic Motorcycles team had a chance to open up the C-Series on this iconic track, nothing was going to hold us back.

Test Rider Jed Metcher triumphantly testing the C-Series top speeds at Phillip Island

Celebration and High-Speed Trials

As dawn broke over the Melbourne track, the day’s purpose was twofold: to celebrate team achievements, and to rigorously test the motorcycle prototypes that represent the future of high-performance electric riding.

At the heart of the event was a commitment to validate the intricate dance between our vehicle’s sophisticated software and its mechanical prowess. Phillip Island's demanding environment was an ideal stage for this high-speed, high-load testing – a critical step beyond the lower-speed urban trials that we’ve focused on so far.

Assembly Tech Adam Wilson celebrating on track during a test lap

Performance Under Pressure

The team sought to challenge the motorcycles in ways only a venue like Phillip Island could facilitate. High-current and rapid acceleration tests were designed to assess whether the bikes could truly deliver the performance they were engineered for. It was essential to ensure that not just the battery, but every component – from belt to bearings – could withstand the strain.

Seeing double. Test riders Jed Metcher and Mark Wilson putting the C-Series through their paces

Thermal Dynamics and Software Synergy

Thermal management also came under the microscope. A high-amp battery is only as good as the system it powers; if other parts overheat or fail, the battery's prowess is irrelevant. Meanwhile, the vehicle’s integrated software needed to prove it could manage full performance without compromising safety or functionality.

Speed Trials: Pushing for the Pinnacle

While the bikes touched an impressive 170km/h, the team’s 180km/h target remains well within reach. Factors such as software adjustments and motor controller optimisation suggest that even greater speeds will be achievable in the near future.

Jed Metcher charging down Gardner Straight as the Savic Motorcycles team watches on with anticipation and excitement

Suspension: The Final Frontier

A notable first was testing the bikes’ production suspension, which has evolved significantly from its early ‘bumps in the road’. With expert input from our test riders - including Jed Metcher, who is a leading authority on racing suspensions - the recent refinements of our suspension proved their high-speed stripes at Phillip Island.

Debriefing after the ride with Jed Metcher and Dennis Savic

Voices from the Track

Dennis Savic, the CEO and founder of Savic Motorcycles, encapsulated the spirit of the day when he said: "It's about making things happen, breaking limits, then fixing and breaking them again."

Second Test rider Marc Wilson expressed his surprise at the bike's balance and refinement, even during slower manoeuvres. For Jed, the powerful underlying sound of the bike at top speed was akin to a jet at an airshow – a testament to the bikes unique acoustic signature.

Marc Wilson settling into his first ride on an electric motorcycle

Results that Speak Volumes

The end-of-day verdict? All-round success. Both bikes performed admirably, showing resilience and consistent power delivery even when pushed to their limits.

For Dennis, nearly hitting the goal speed and witnessing the team's excitement were the very definition of success. And with both riders reluctant to dismount at the end of the day, it was clear that Savic Motorcycles has struck a lasting chord for the future of electric riding.

What we witnessed at Phillip Island is just the beginning. It's not just about breaking the next limit; it's about perfecting a synergy between rider, machine, and the road. And as the sun set on a day of palpable excitement, one thing was certain: the future of electric motorcycles has arrived.

A winning team! United by passion and driven by innovation, we etched a milestone into the tarmac of Phillip Island

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