Finding the next polyester

At Savic Clothing, we’re now working on a collection of garments that are made from between 65% and 100% recycled polyester. This soft, synthetic fibre, made by melting down used plastics and offcuts, has been a revelation for clothing producers worldwide. But we’re not resting on our laurels; our goal now is to find the ‘next polyester’.

In recent months, our small team has been researching the possibilities of ‘ventile’, a soft, durable cotton made entirely from the leftovers of fabric production. This incredible material has so many extraordinary features, including a non-polyurethane waterproofing method that makes it 100% compostable. When received in the post, we poured an entire glass of water on it, and – lo and behold – three hours later, it was still beading on the surface with no impregnation.

So, what’s going to come next? Have you heard of mushroom leather? Well, there are new products on the market that are as strong as the cow hide we’ve always relied on. When we think of mushrooms, and their extraordinary place in the natural ecosystem, we sometimes forget the extensive subterranean presence of this amazing organism, which – in the words of Britt Holewinski from the National Forest Foundation – “lives in the soil interwoven with tree roots as a vast network of mycelium… which connects individual plants together to transfer water, nitrogen, carbon and other minerals.”

Our team at Savic Clothing has been undertaking research with a pioneering American company that’s developed a robust and beautiful leather from mushrooms, which already graces the seats of some of the world’s most progressive luxury cars. One day, we hope it will adorn out motorcycles – and possibly our motorcycle jackets too!

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