Topology optimisation refers to a form of generative design that uses tried-and-tested mathematical formulas to work out the most efficient shape of structures in relation to their materials and technical requirements. It basically involves whittling down components to optimise their strength, weight and size.

At Savic Motorcycles, our optimisation modelling uses a Computer Aided Engineering software tool called Inspire. We tell this software what the materials and design limitations are, and – presto! – it removes the material that we don’t need automatically.

In the following graphics, you can see how the headstock of our C-Series prototype went through a number of design iterations to reduce its size while maintaining its load-bearing strength. Inspire helped us do this by breaking down the headstock into its smallest components, assessing the contribution of each, and providing the smallest organic shape to fulfil its structural requirements.

This state-of-the-art modelling will be critical to the performance we intend to deliver with the Alpha prototype, which will set a new benchmark for high-performance production electric motorcycles.

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