Brake power: Regenerative motor braking takes the wasted energy from the process of slowing down your motorbike and uses it to recharge your battery – basically converting your motor into a generator. It works at any speed, provided the battery pack is not too hot (over 45°C), too cold (under 0°C), or full to the brim. Too good to be true? The only setback with regenerative braking is that it doesn’t have the stopping power of your four-piston Brembo setup – so it’s best to use it by braking early. 

Letting off the throttle will put you into a customisable regenerative state comparable to an ICE bike’s engine braking, and pressing the rear brake pedal just enough to activate the brake light will make the ‘regen’ even stronger. 

If you can come to a complete stop without engaging your mechanical brakes, you’ll optimise the transfer of energy into your battery rather than into the disc brakes in the form of heat. This will lead to an improved range – and, of course, reduced wear on your brake pads.

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