Riding into the future: Our Commitment to Sustainability

From the earliest days, Savic Motorcycles’ founders wanted to create a clothing collection that would embody and promote the electric motorcycle lifestyle. Aligned with our core values, we wanted to craft quality merchandise while minimising our carbon footprint and leading the cultural shift towards a more sustainable future.

When laying the foundations for our clothing brand, we embarked on extensive research into eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. From compostable boxes and wrappers to the growing possibilities of recycled fabrics, our awareness extended even to the ink used for printing on our packaging.

Our resolute commitment to sustainability led us to source packaging entirely from recycled and biodegradable materials, and today we take immense pride in curating an exceptional unboxing experience for our customers. Each box is crafted from recycled paper with chemical-free inks, making every element of our presentation compostable and enabling us to genuinely claim ‘100% recycled packaging’.

In our mission to minimise waste impact, we send out parcels in biodegradable satchels, ensuring an even more positive experience for eco-conscious customers. By wearing our range of motorcycle clothing, our supporters proudly represent our brand, sharing our core values while promoting their own passion for our electric future.

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