Hello, Road Gods, are You there?

You got a sec to hear my prayer?

Won’t keep you long, got things to do,

There’s bills to pay; they do accrue.


It’s really not a great big ask,

To get Your blessing for my task,

It’s not so easy being green,

And keep exhaust emissions clean.


Still, it must be done, and no mistake,

There’s really quite a lot at stake,

And what’s a rider meant to do,

When bikes are banned? We’re in the poo!


So as You probably all know,

I’ve got this bike thing on the go,

Electric, fast, and sexy-as,

With Brembo brakes and all that jazz.


It’s won design awards, you know,

By all that’s holy, it does go,

You’ve probably seen me from above,

Give it a fistful of amp-love.


It’s just the first of more to come,

I have explained this to my mum,

This is no one-off, now we start,

The whole precise production part.


And very soon, I said to her,

The electricity will whirr,

And on the instant pump out torque,

And all will see it walks the walk.


Then all the good and patient folk,

Who put their money down, no joke,

And shared my faith and bought my dream,

To ride a high-speed voltage stream,


Will soon be riding what we’ve made,

They’ll see how sharp then is this blade,

No more petrol, no more oil,

With luck the oceans will not boil. 


It’s not been easy getting here,

But one cannot give into fear,

I swore to build it, and I did,

To my great team I doffs my lid.


Without their dedicated brains,

This would have gone down several drains,

We soldiered on, and it was tough,

And there were times when things got rough.


So now from You I humbly ask,

To look with favour on my task,

And help me in this final stage,

And help me turn the next big page,


And bless my customers and team,

And bless my family, and my dream,

And bless the voltage and the amps,

And bless us when we jump off ramps.


And bless us riding hard and fast,

Let no-one slower blast on past,

Make sure there’s chargers when we stop,

May no-one their C-Series drop.

By Boris Mihailovic