At Savic Motorcycles we’ve always been focused on optimising our design, both for aesthetics and performance – and when it comes to our power source, the customer has once again been our driving force.

Elegance defined: A comparison between the latest advanced battery design (on the left) and it's older, more angular incarnation. By switching from general-purpose cylindrical cells to EV-specific prismatic cells, we’ve been able to build a more powerful, energy-dense battery pack within our original powertrain – driving up our battery capacity from 11 kWh to 16 kWh, with no impact on the price-tag.

The 50% increase in our battery capacity will mean a boost in the C-Series’ range – exceeding 250km for the Alpha on a city ride – as well as increasing the duration in which the bike can be run at top speed on the freeway.

Adrian Vinovrski, the Savic engineer leading the battery redesign, is thrilled with the new configuration, describing it as “a no-brainer for our company and our customers”.

“The benefits of the optimised battery are huge, both for the bike’s performance and for our production processes,” says Adrian. “The new design offers much greater utilisation of available space and a more highly integrated method for mounting the battery pack to the rest of the powertrain – so there are less bolts, less brackets, and less time needed for assembly.”

Adrian says the new lithium-ion battery pack is a reflection of the company’s increasingly sophisticated supply chain, which has seen Savic partner with more specialised companies operating at the forefront of EV technology.

“The shift to prismatic cells took place because, of all the options we’ve had to date, the current strategy works the most harmoniously with the rest of our design, and allows for the greatest level of overall performance, safety, and general benefits for the company and our customers,” Adrian says.

“We’re delighted with our new supplier relationships, which will only benefit our batteries’ efficiency and the overall quality of our motorcycle. We suspect that our customers will value the new battery pack just as much as they value all the other exciting features we’ve been developing for our production bike!”

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