Why EVs are here to stay

Like any tall poppy or commercial success story, electric vehicles have their fair share of detractors. Some point to the carbon emissions produced in their manufacturing – even though these are quickly offset by their operations. Some point to the fact that much of Australia’s power still comes from fossil fuels – despite the unstoppable rise of renewables. And some say that poor battery-charging infrastructure means that EVs will never go the distance.

At Savic Motorcycles, we don’t just believe that electric vehicles represent the future of private transportation in Australia. We know it.

With the European Union reaching agreement in October to effectively ban new non-electric cars within the next decade, the time is right for the electric revolution to land on Australian roads. In the ACT, a progressive state government has already pledged to cease registering vehicles that are not “zero emissions” by 2035.

And with a growing range of EV models, better and faster-charging batteries, and more public charge stations, the stage is set for EVs to become more affordable – and for more Australian drivers to discover the joys of driving and owning an electric vehicle.

European Union reaching agreement in October to effectively ban new non-electric cars within the next decade

The range debate

Not too long ago, there was a big divide between those for and against EVs, with oft-voiced concerns over battery life and a lack of range for “that great road trip” we all imagine ourselves one day taking.

These days, however, we’re all adjusting our lifestyles to work more from home and being more realistic when it comes to how much daily range we really require from our vehicles. As the march of technology continues, we’re going to see monumental changes in both batteries and charging capabilities – resulting in longer ranges and faster charging times.

With fewer moving parts and more direct torque to the wheel, not only are daily drivers beginning to “go electric” for an easier commute – there are more enthusiasts recognising the enjoyment to be had from longer-term EV ownership. 

More carbon-free options

With rapid advances in powertrain and battery tech, as well as the boundless potential of cloud computing to keep riders connected to their bikes and batteries, a new chapter in clean, safe, effortless riding is upon us. And there will be other carbon-free options coming down the road soon too – with significant progress in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles, biofuels and other synthetic alternatives.

We may not be able to predict what our future transport mix will look like, nor what the best solutions for a more sustainable future will be. But with the undiluted enjoyment that comes from EVs, their mechanical simplicity, and the creative canvas they present for new designs and styling, electric vehicles are opening our eyes to a whole new world of transportation – and here at Savic Motorcycles, we’re leading the charge.

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