Why you can ride an electric motorcycle whatever the weather may throw at you

There’s a common misconception that electric motorbikes are somehow inferior to their petrol predecessors: less reliable, less powerful, less capable of delivering the pure pleasure of your old bike. We beg to differ. Our initial rides on the C-Series have confirmed that this Australian-made e-motorcycle is every bit as good as its combustion-engine cousins!

Each rider is different, and when they reach that glorious day when they venture out to purchase their next motorcycle, they’ll inevitably have a checklist of what they want for their next adventure. Every bike out there is designed with a primary focus, whether it’s performance, comfort, style, or the ability to explore the harshest roads on the free-spirited rider’s itinerary.

But one thing that everyone expects from their motorcycle is durability – the capacity to withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix so well, so of course there may be some questions.

But just as man decided to position a tank full of combustible fuel directly above a high-firing engine, any risk of riding an electric motorcycle in the rain is addressed from the very beginning, in the fundamental design of the vehicle.

In designing an electric bike, one of the first challenges we have to address is to avoid any intrusion into the battery pack – which could lead to system failures or breakdowns.

With the Savic Motorcycles C-Series, our energy storage system enclosure comprises six battery panels, each utilising a number of high-quality seals to ensure a watertight interface between adjoining panels. As for the external cables and cooling lines that enter the enclosure, these have been sealed using top rated (IP67-rated) connectors and glands – which ensure that no water can enter the enclosure.

So please rest assured that you can continue to power through those puddles in total confidence. Our goal, as always, is for you to enjoy your ride – regardless of what Australia’s unpredictable weather may throw at you. 

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