Victorian premier’s Design award of the Year winner, the Savic C-Series electric motorcycle, designed by Dennis Savic and David Hendroff. Photograph: Jason Lau

Electric motorcycle, an ankle brace that grows as children age and a town hall among winners

Australia’s first electric motorcycle has taken out the top prize at the Victorian premier’s 25th Design awards, with judges hailing its ingenuity.

The state awards showcase products and businesses creating cutting-edge and innovative designs.

The Savic C-Series electric motorcycle series are emission-free, full sized and high-performance vehicles.

The series was created by former Ford worker and company chief executive, Dennis Savic, and concept designer David Hendroff.

The vehicle also won the product design category. The judges praised the design for combining the power of a traditional motorcycle with electric technology.

Creative industries minister, Danny Pearson, said the awards celebrated Victorian designers whose products and processes used “design thinking to reshape and improve the way we live, work and interact”.

“Design is about finding new, innovative and more sustainable ways of doing things. This year’s winners demonstrate the impact of the Victorian design sector, creating jobs across the state and touching all of our lives,” he said.