After seeing our stylish prototype under lights among the world’s 101 most beautiful motorbikes in Brisbane, we were delighted to see the C-Series’ carbon-busting credentials celebrated in a special exhibition of climate innovations at the Australian Museum in Sydney.Savic’s prototype, freshly back from QAGOMA, was afforded the ultimate accolade as the ‘title object’ at the entrance to the Spark exhibition, which runs at Australia’s oldest museum until October 3rd.

“We were delighted to give this amazing motorcycle pride of place,” says Dr Jenny Newell, the Australian Museum’s Manager of Climate Change Projects and curator of Spark. “This is a really exciting innovation for Australia, and lots of visitors have been captivated and surprised to find that we’re producing such a high-performance motorbike in this country.

“At Spark, the Savic prototype is helping people understand that electric transport can be fast and powerful – and that it’s being developed right here in Australia. Every time I walk past it, it gives me a boost!”

The C-Series Alpha was on show from the opening day on June 3rd, when the acclaimed environmentalist, Professor Tim Flannery, delivered the inaugural Talbot Oration to a crowd of more than 300 visitors at the museum.

“We’ve had big crowds here every weekend, and even during the week there have been lots of visitors coming through, especially families and school groups,” says Jenny Newell.

The Spark exhibition was designed to deliver critical environmental messages in a ‘family friendly’ manner, with bite-sized exhibits and panels on a wide variety of Australian innovations – from regenerative agriculture and cultural burning, to wind and solar power, recycling, seaweed farming, and ‘green’ concrete and steel.

See how Spark put Savic on the same page as Tesla at: