The technical prowess of the Savic C-Series may have been stringently demonstrated in our workshops, but if there’s any doubt about its aesthetic appeal, it’s been blown away by our inclusion in an exhibition of 101 of the world’s most beautiful and influential motorbikes.

For the past three months, the Alpha prototype has been enjoying pride of place in the electric section of the Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire exhibition, alongside some of the world’s most innovative e-motos: from the US-built Tarform Luna, to Sweden’s CAKE Kalk, the Sur-ron Light Bee, and the futuristic Fuller Moto 2029.

The exhibition, which runs at Brisbane’s Queensland Modern Art Gallery (QAGOMA) until April 26th, also offers visitors a special green-screen experience, giving them the chance to have their photo taken aboard an Italian Vespa, a Swedish Husqvarna, or – against a futuristic cityscape – the Aussie C-Series.

“We’ve all been aware of the Savic bikes being developed over the past two years, and the timing seemed fantastic to make the C-Series part of our exhibition,” says Michael O’Sullivan, QAGOMA’s design manager and coordinating curator of the motorcycle exhibition.

“We developed this exhibition with two US-based curators who worked on the legendary Art of the Motorcycle exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum in the 1990s, who were impressed to discover how vibrant the motorcycling scene is in Australia. The C-Series fills out the Australian manufacturing story, which began in Brisbane with the 1906 Spencer, and now features another local manufacturer producing another ground-breaking bike.”

Time for the team

After a few false starts due to COVID, five members of the Savic team finally made it to Brisbane to visit QAGOMA in February, touring the exhibition with the curators and enjoying some long-overdue “down time” after months of often isolated toil in Melbourne.

All the team were incredibly grateful to Michael O’Sullivan, who for his part was delighted to show the Savic family around the legendary museum.

“Dennis’s enthusiasm is fantastic and, when the team arrived, I was struck by how youthful and enthusiastic they all are,” says Michael. “Perhaps they’re young enough and excited enough to think ‘how can we do it’ – rather than ‘it’s too challenging’ or ‘I don’t think it’s possible’.”

“We’ve had a really passionate audience at this exhibition, and many of them have been surprised to see an Australian company making waves developing an electric street bike – when we’re still waiting for international manufacturers to come to the party. There’s a lot of curiosity to see how this bike will perform in the future – and I for one can’t wait to see it!”

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