He's interviewed pirates in the Philippines, people smugglers in Mexico, and fearless healthcare workers in Somalia, but for Ralph Johnstone, a small team of ambitious engineers building an electric motorcycle in Australia is every bit as thrilling.

Ralph joined the Savic team back in November 2019, when he was doing some promotional writing for the FAB9 makerspace where we began our commercial production. Although not a “tech head” himself, Ralph quickly found his way around the C-Series prototype and took to writing about our bikes like the proverbial duck to water.

Ralph has an interesting history, having grown up on a boat in Singapore and lived in Hong Kong, Japan and Kenya before emigrating to Australia in 2008. Today, he makes his living from writing for corporate clients, governments and start-ups on “everything from accessibility and cybersecurity, to drugs and medical devices, and the birthplace of Ned Kelly!”

But Ralph says Savic Motorcycles will always have a special place in his heart, because it combines progressive, climate-conscious technology with a team of young guys “whose passion and dedication are an absolute joy to be around”. For the rest of the team, Ralph’s daring wordplay is a vital weapon in our armoury, and his enthusiasm to be closely involved in our engineering and technical development is a credit to the strength of our relationship. Ralph may be called “a freelance writer”, but he is highly regarded as a vital member of our core team – and his words continue to inspire us to reach new and ambitious milestones with each passing day.