Like many of the Savic team, Sam Carter lives for motorbikes. He rides his Yamaha MT-09 every day, but his real passion is his Honda CBR900RR – the classic ‘FireBlade’ that revolutionised sportbiking in the 1990s – which he restored in his garage three years ago.

Today, the 24-year-old Englishman is at the forefront of a different revolution at Savic Motorcycles, where he’s in charge of all aspects of our graphic design – from our digital dashboard to our logos, our website, videos and other aspects of our marketing.

“It may sound corny but I’m living my dream,” says Sam, who moved to Melbourne with his family 10 years ago. “This job has merged my two big passions: motorcycling and design. I’m getting paid to do what I love, and I’ll get to see the beginning of something new, which we all know is the future.”

Sam has owned six motorbikes since he was 18 – one for each year since he got his licence. But his love of classics was there from the start. “I’d been looking at cheap Ninja 250s, but my dad suggested I bought this CBR250RR, which at the time I wasn’t sure about as it was old and I wanted something new. Instead it sparked my passion for the classics.”

Sam is the oldest of four kids in a tight-knit family (“thank God we’re close in this lockdown,” he laughs). Parents Phillip and Debbie are also great Savic supporters – in fact, Phillip was the one who suggested that Sam reach out to Dennis, just after he completed his design degree.

“We saw Dennis present his prototype at the 2018 Moto Expo,” says Sam. “I was putting a portfolio together to start applying for design jobs, and my dad suggested I should ask Dennis if he needed any help. The rest is history. I reckon I’ve got a fair bit to thank my dad for!”