At just 36, Victoria Brown has established herself as one of Sydney’s most respected marketing leaders, equally at home planning multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns and launching luxury vehicles, as fine-tuning the messaging for specialised beauty products. During her last job as marketing director at Swarovski, the ANZ market became the fastest growing region for the jewellery giant globally – and Victoria scooped the company’s top award for her strategic leadership.

In 2021, Victoria established BEa, a boutique marketing and branding agency, with her long-term friend and collaborator, Nicole Eacott. The pair continue to support and celebrate a phenomenal client-list of premier and luxury brands, including Samsung, King Furniture, McLaren and Rolls Royce.

Victoria enjoys a close relationship with Dennis Savic, whom she met while attending a leadership course in 2021 and continues to mentor on his leadership style and strategy. She’s extremely excited to be advising Savic Motorcycles as we prepare to launch our first vehicles. “I’m a creative nerd who loves preparing spreadsheets and nurturing leaders as much as designing marketing campaigns,” she says. “So a start-up with such a unique and sophisticated product just ticks all my boxes!”